Global Build Collaborative

Infrastructure Experts for International Development

Industry leaders in infrastructure project development, implementation and monitoring.


Project feasibility, process and project risk assessment. System and oversight training.


Oversight support, project audits, dashboards and reporting tools.


Toolkits, organizational best practices, data services (GIS & management) training.


Project development, proposals, cost evaluations, and contracting guidance.

Our Focus

We assist organizations where construction is not the primary focus but a tool to support higher level outcomes. We recognize construction requires unique systems and controls to achieve strong results that may not always aligned to an organization’s expertise or structure. This is where we can help. Our goal is to be an efficient and integrated partner, working within your organization to help plan, establish systems, train staff and support program oversight and management of your programs’ infrastructure components.

Who We Are

We are Aaron Ingebritson and Bryan Enslein, professional engineers with over 35 years of international infrastructure experience. In 2013, Aaron led USAID’s Infrastructure Risk Assessment, a comprehensive investigation into USAID’s construction portfolio. Bryan served as a USAID Foreign Service Officer, responsible for implementing multiple infrastructure projects and executing USAID’s “Preferred Approach to Construction”.

Meet the Team

Aaron Ingebritson P.E.


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Bryan Enslein P.E.


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